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1000 megawatt drop during Wimbledon Murray final

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Murray wins Wimbledon Men's Final 2013

Murray wins Wimbledon Men’s Final 2013

The hot weather on Sunday  together with the nail-biting Wimbledon Men’s Final between Britain’s Andy Murray and Serbian Novak Djkovic, lead to a 1000 megawatt suppression according to The National Grid.

The usual expectation of a surge during the national sporting event, due to the millions of kettles boiling in the pauses in play, just simply didn’t happen, with people opting for an ice-cold drink out of an already running fridge instead.

The National Grid said that the drop was equivalent to 400,000 unused kettles.

Murray beat Djkovic in 3 straight sets to take the first British men’s Wimbledon trophy in 77 years. The last British male to win was the legendary Fred Perry.

A spokeswoman for the National Grid said that the hot weather for the event had affected the energy supply figures. “It’s clear that people were watching their televisions [during the Wimbledon final] instead of doing things like using other electrical items.”




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