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2000 smart engineers to be trained in Bradford

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Bradford is to produce 2000 new smart meter engineers at a bespoke dual fuel smart meter training centre.

Utilities Academy based in Bradford, has courses sanctioned by the National Academy for Skills and Gas Safe, launched a big drive to recruit, train, supply and retain specialist dual fuel and smart metering engineers last month.

Up until 2020 the UK is committed to smart meter rollout and installing smart meters in every home and business is going to need an estimated 14,000 trained engineers.

Neil Robertson, Chief Executive of Energy and Utility Skills says: “The energy sector is in an extremely seriously situation to ensure the government’s significant investment in this roll-out is carried out with the correct workforce, skills and knowledge.”

Local MP Mike Wood said: “To learn that this Academy, the ‘Oxbridge of smart meter training, is dedicated to developing and creating a skilled workforce for this change is commendable. I am delighted to have this academy in my constituency.”




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