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Studies confirm that integrating high level wind into US grid is possible

    Two recent reports show that it is technically possible to integrate up to 35% renewable electricity to the  United States grid if operational and infrastructural improvements are made. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) have investigated the potential ...

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Grid+ program launched in Europe

  The Grid + program was recently launched in Europe to give high level support to the EEGI (Electricity Grid Initiative) over the next three years. The project, which costs 3.94 billion euros, brings together a team of top level ...

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British Gas move ahead with 100,000 smart meter roll-out for 2012

  British Gas has announced its going to accelerate it’s roll-out of 100,000 smart meters in 2012, forming part of a new Fair Billing commitment for small businesses, which prioritises accurate billing. The main aim is to ensure customers are ...

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National smart meter rollout in Ireland announced

The Commission for Energy Regulator (CER) has announced proposals for the the rollout of smart meters across Ireland by 2020. The proposals are up for consultation, following the completion of some customer behaviour and technology trials earlier this year. The ...

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Smart Cities Index

    A Smart Cities index has been developed by IDC Energy Insights in collaboration with other divisions of International Data Corporation (IDC), to independently analyse the evolution of the smart cities concept and smart city demonstration projects around the ...

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European Investment Bank issues smart metering loan for the smart grid development of Ireland

  The Irish utility ESB has signed a new £235 million loan for the development of the smart grid program for Ireland. The loan which covers 50% of the funding for the program, will be delivered over 2 years. The ...

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Cyber-Tec Smart grid initiative launched in Netherlands

A public-private partnership on cyber security for smart grids and other critical infrastructures, The Cyber-Tec initiative, has been launched in the Netherlands. It aims to take a leading role in Europe cybersecurity of critical  (information) infrastuctures by bundling knowledge and ...

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Proposed smart grid evaluation released in UK

  A draft framework for the evaluation of smart grid investment opportunities in the UK has been released as the first output of the national Smart Grid Forum. The proposal was prepared by Frontier Economics and EA Technology is aimed ...

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$8 million from US government to help consumers manage energy use

The United States Department of Energy has announced that make $8 million available to utilities, local governments and communities to assist consumers to manage their electricity usage more efficiently. “Providing consumers with easy access to data on their energy consumption ...

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