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2012 second wettest year in the UK according to Met Office

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2012 was the second wettest year on record in the UK, according to the Met Office’s provisional statistics released today.

Rainfall is increasing and is more intense, with 4 out 5 years since 2000 being the wettest.

Changes in sea temperatures due to reductions in Arctic sea-ice could be influencing the increase, in addition to a rise in global temperature.

“The trend towards more extreme rainfall events is one we are seeing around the world, in countries such as India and China, and now potentially here in the UK,” said Met Office chief scientist Julia Slingo.

“It’s essential we look at how this may impact our rainfall patterns going forward over the next decade and beyond, so we can advise on the frequency of extreme weather in the future and the potential for more surface and river flooding. This will help inform decision-making about the need for future resilience both here in the UK and globally.”



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