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3 out of 27 European Nations have credible energy savings targets

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According to the Coalition for Energy Savings, a mere 3 out of 27 European countries have ‘credible and meaningful plans’ for the energy savings targets set by the EU’s 2012 Energy Efficiency Directive.

The Coalition has analysed the member states plans to achieve their 1.5% yearly energy saving target by 2020 and only Croatia, Denmark & Ireland out of the 27 analysed show a credible plan for how the savings will be achieved.

It warns the EU could miss its 20% energy savings target because of “weak” plans, adding twelve of them including Finland, Germany, Sweden and all central and eastern EU countries except Croatia and Latvia, are either incomplete – and so not assessable – or of “low quality”.

Incorrect calculations of the target, ineligible measures and energy savings that have been included but would have happened anyway are some of the problems found.

Stefan Scheuer, Secretary General of the Coalition for Energy Savings said: “Most governments’ implementation plans, in particular those from central and eastern countries, are not ambitious and do not convince us that the minimum energy savings will be reached.”




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