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60% of the UK could be suitable for fracking

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A government commissioned report says that up to 60% of the UK may be suitable for fracking. The DECC report compiled by AMEC suggests that up to 2,880 wells could be drilled for the extraction of both oil and shale gas.

AMEC claim in the report, that the environmental impacts of expanding drilling on this scale are “manageable”  and they seem to have the agreement of energy minister Michael Fallon who said in his announcement today
“There could be large amounts of shale gas available in the UK, but we won’t know for sure the scale of this prize until further exploration takes place. It is an exciting prospect, which could bring growth, jobs and energy security. But we must develop shale responsibly.”

However Anna Jones of Greenpeace is far from convinced telling press today
“There’s no public mandate for this industrialisation of the English countryside and for digging up new forms of fossil fuels. Real energy security in the UK can only be achieved through clean renewable sources and energy efficiency.”

under AMEC’s “high activity scenario” with 2,880 wells being drilled the estimated water requirement for tracking operations across the Uk is estimated to be as much as 144 billion litres. This number alone is bound to set alarm bells dining with local water authorities whom already struggle to keep up with demand in summer months.

AMEC’s report also estimates that each well could require up to 51 journeys a day to truck out waste water, with many of the proposed wells in rural areas companies looking to drill seem set to face even more local opposition.



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