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A fifth of Labour & Lib Dems against fracking

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fracking protest

Twenty percent of Labour and Liberal Democrat candidates are said to be opposed to fracking, despite the views of their parties.

The Pledge, circulated by Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth, asked candidates to promise: “If my constituency is at risk of fracking, I will oppose it. If my constituency is not at risk, I will oppose fracking nationwide.”

1,000 prospective MP’s from all the main 7 parties have signed the pledge, representing a quarter of all those standing for election. Around half were from the Green Party, with only 3 Conservative.

Of the 630 Labour and Lib Dem candidates, 153 and 143 made the promise.

Lib Dem spokeswoman Tessa Munt said that she would make an end to fracking one of her main priorities in parliament, with another Lib Dem telling reporters “The UK has significant stores of unconventional gas, which could be accessed through the process known as fracking.

“It is vital that efforts to access this gas be properly regulated to protect our natural environment.”

Greenpeace commissioned a survey which was released in March and showed voters views on fracking was roughly split down the middle.




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