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Addition to Royal family causes a 800MW drop on National Grid

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The public was glued to the tv screens yesterday for the first appearance of the future heir to the throne, the new born baby of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, William and Kate.

This caused a suppression of energy supply of 800 MW according to the National Grid.It was announced following the birth on Monday, that the Royal couple along with the new prince,  would be leaving the hospital Tuesday evening to return to Kensington Palace.

They made an appearance on the steps of the Lindow Wing of St Mary’s Hospital at 7.13 pm, which was televised by both BBC and ITV causing the suppression of electricity compared to normal levels at that time of day, due to inactivity of electricity intensive products.

When the royal prince was taken inside the hospital a few minutes later this caused a 300MW pickup as people returned to their usual routine and before departing with the baby in a car seat to a waiting Range Rover at approximately 7.20pm, driving off at around 7.22pm this increased to a 400MW pickup.

A National Grid spokeswoman said: “We could see the effect the royal baby had on the nation at National Grid as we managed an 800MW drop in demand as people tuned in to wait for the royal couple to appear with the new prince.

“To put it into context there was a 1000MW drop during the Murray final recently. We have less of a big drop and then subsequent pick up in the summer months as it is daylight and people don’t have the heating on.”




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