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An industrial focus is needed for Green Deal

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Commercial landlords and businesses need an industrial focus to encourage them to take up energy efficiency measures under the Green Deal.

Dods Monitoring put forward this recommendation in it’s review of the first month of the energy efficiency programme.

“In order to encourage participation from the non-domestic sector, policy makers’ focus needs to be on creating an attractive set of measure,” said Neil Pennell, head of sustainability and engineering at commercial property company Land Securities.

He said there were “shortcomings” in the programme which had brought “challenges” for businesses  and landlords to take up the Green Deal measures.

Neil Pennell also warned that landlords could be left with a debt and an empty building, as the finance lies with the building and not the tenant (as is the case in the domestic sector).

The Green Deal has made slow progress since it’s launch at the end of January, but as it’s still “in it’s infancy” the report considers it to be too early to decide if it will be a success and meet the government’s ambition for energy efficiency.



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