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Anti-fracking demonstrators block HQ doorway

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DEFRA’s headquarters was blocked by activists this morning who glued themselves to the entrance to the department, angry that an official report had not included the potential effects of hydraulic fracturing or fracking on house prices.

Staff at DEFRA was greeted on their arrival with protesters blocking their entry with ‘armtubes’.

One of the superglued protestors, Lindsay Alderton from London said: “Why is it that 63 segments of the DEFRA report were blacked out from public view? What is it about the dangers of fracking that our government doesn’t want us to know?”

Another activist climbed the building to hang out a banner which read: ‘WHAT’S TO HIDE DEFRA? – DON’T FRACK WITH OUR FUTURE’.

The activists are demanding that another report is published outlining the dangers of fracking.

The group also tweeted on Twitter in the hope that the Environment Secretary would see it.

“Hope new Env. Minister Liz Truss is enjoying our protest at this morning. As ex-Shell exec this will be familiar

DEFRA refrained from comment as they said this is a police matter.

Reacting to the criticism over the report, a spokesperson said: “There is no evidence that house prices have been affected in over half a century of oil and gas exploration in the UK or evidence that this would be the case with shale.

“This Government believes that shale has a positive part to play in our future energy mix, providing energy security, driving growth and creating jobs.”

Swansea University, who is currently building a new oil and gas research wing  also had anti-fracking protesters, along with the London HQ of drilling company IGas and Rathlin Energy’s potential fracking site in Yorkshire.

On Sunday protestors in Lancashire built a “frack monster” and simulated the beast “eating” the Blackpool tower, which appeared to attracts hundreds of spectators.




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