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Atos and Siemens to collaborate on generation planning and energy trading solution

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IT services provider Atos and Siemens have announced they will be collaborating on a development to optimise power generation and trading.

Both companies will use their expertise in their fields in the development. The integrated software is designed to boost the profitability of power generation and trading by optimizing the bid creation and by providing seamless data flow at IT level.

“The cooperation with Atos puts us in a position to offer our customers an IT solution that covers their entire value chain,” commented Jan Mrosik, CEO of the Smart Grid division in Siemens Infrastructure & Cities Sector. “At the same time, a single source of supply reduces the project risk significantly when introducing or exchanging tools of this type.”

“Our customers will gain considerable advantages from this expanded collaboration with Siemens in the domain of energy,” added Jérôme De Parscau du Plessix, CEO at Atos Worldgrid. “We believe we are meeting our customer’s strictest demands and are helping them to expand in this growing market segment.”

The proportion of renewable energy sources used at the power plant fleets of supply companies and consequently in their electricity trading portfolio is increasing. This creates additional challenges for power supply companies and energy traders alike. To meet these challenges Siemens and Atos will offer an integrated software solution based on the Siemens generation planning tool jROS (Joint Resource Optimization and Scheduler) and the Atos package PTRS (Power Trading and Retail System) for power trading and risk management.

The jROS is a component of the Siemens Spectrum Power network control system. The Atos PTRS is a flexible platform for the rapid implementation of different energy market models including interfaces to power exchanges. The integrated software solution aims to offer the advantage of modular coverage for all aspects of optimizing power plants and contract portfolios, with seamless data flow between generation planning and energy trading allowing faster decisions to be made in the bidding process on energy exchanges and for bilateral trading.



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