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Availability of Green Button Increased by 15 million

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On March 22nd, there was a meeting at the White House where utilities and companies gave commitments to expand availability of the Green Button initiative by 15 million households.

There are 9 utilities that will provide the Green Button, and they are: American Electric Power (5.3 million customers in 11 states), Austin Energy (400,000 customers), Baltimore Gas and Electric (1.2 million customers), CenterPoint Energy (1.8 million households), Commonwealth Edison (3.4 million households), NSTAR (1.1 million households), PECO (1.4 million households), Reliant (500,000 households), and Virginia Dominion Power (2.4 million customers).

They will join existing utilities Pacific Gas & Electric Company, Southern California Edison, Oncor, Pepco Holdings Inc., Glendale Water and Power, and San Diego Gas & Electric, which are providing the Green Button to their almost 12 million customers since its launch in January 2012.

The Green Button initiative is to enable customers to download their energy usage data in a standardised format with a click of a button, giving them more control over their usage.

Itron, OPower, Oracle, and Silver Spring Networks also announced commitments to support deployment of the Green Button. Companies also announced that they are developing applications or services for businesses and consumers using the ESPI standard, including Belkin, Efficiency 2.0, EnergySavvy, FirstFuel, Honest Buildings, Lucid, Plotwatt, Schneider-Electric, Simple Energy, and Sunrun.

“Empowering American families to shrink their own utility bills is an important part of this Administration’s all-of-the-above energy strategy,” said Dr. John P. Holdren, Assistant to the President and Director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy. “With new online tools made possible by the Green Button, families will have easy access to information on how they can reduce their energy use and put more money in their pocket.”

With support from Pacific Gas & Electric Company, Itron and the Gridwise Alliance, the Department of Energy (DOE) has announced an “Apps for Energy” contest aimed to spur development of energy-related software applications based on the ESPI standard.

The Department of Energy has launched an online map, showing the progress made by the utilities to provide customer access to their energy data.

The Smart Grid Interoperability Panel has announced a new initiative in the form of a new priority action plan, “Green Button ESPI Evolution,” to help support the expanding implementation of the Green Button in the electric industry.






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