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Blackpool hospital receiving CHP plant

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A Blackpool hospital is to get a combined heat and power plant to provide it with 25-30% of it’s electricity and 50-60% of it’s heat requirements.

The system will hold 100kW for the Clifton Hospital, which has three 24 bed wards, offering day care for the elderly. It will produce almost two million kilowatt of energy a year.

The firm set to provide this is Eurosite Power , who won the NHS tender worth £1.7 million. They will build the unit and sell the heat and power back to the hospital over the next 15 years.

Managing Director Paul Hamblyn told Electricity Live News that the contract works similarly to buying from a typical utility company, but at prices “cheaper” than the grid or the power market.

He said there are between 120 and 150 NHS sites which are suitable for similar technology and if they all plumped for it, the NHS could save £2.5 million a year.



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