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British Gas Offering Free Insulation to Meet Carbon Target

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British Gas, the UK’s largest energy supplier is offering free insulation to every homeowner, regardless of who they get their energy from.

This move is to increase efforts to meet the Carbon Emissions Reduction Target (CERT), before the deadline on 31st December.

Suppliers are on the whole on track to reach their target, but most are lagging behind in the super priority group – those people on low incomes, receiving benefits and the people who would reap the most benefits from energy efficiency measures in the home.

If the suppliers don’t reach the targets, they will possibly be fined by the regulator Ofgem of up to 10% of the global turnover. British Gas is therefore offering to pay for loft clearances for people that into the super priority group, to ensure they meet the target.

The offer only applies to homeowners, but British Gas said that tenants can apply for a form from the company for the landlord to sign in order to authorise the work. Households must have less than 60mm of loft insulation to fit the criteria.

Government figures show that 9 million lofts and 8 million walls have inadequate insulation.




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