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Cansworth Water solar farm starts generating power

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The Cornish solar farm Cansworth Water has begun generating enough electricity to power 9,000 homes a year.

Nestled in rolling fields, the Canworth Water solar farm near Launceston was finished last week and at 81 hectares, is big enough to cover more than 113 football pitches.

Primrose Solar owns and runs the solar farm, and they also have 4 other parks in the UK. In Autumn and Winter sheep will be allowed to graze around the panels.

Giles Clark, CEO of the solar company said: “While Canworthy is probably the largest operational solar farm in the UK, we think it will be overtaken within a couple of months by another Primrose site – Southwick Estate Solar Farm in Hampshire, which is currently being built and will have a capacity of 48MW.”



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