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Caroline Lucas former Green party leader arrested at Balcombe shale site

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caroline lucas

Former Green party leader Caroline Lucas MP was arrested today at the Cuadrilla test site at Balcombe, West Sussex as the protesting intensified today.

Lucas was arrested with her son under Section 14 of the Public Order Act 1986, which relates to ‘serious public disorder, serious damage to property or serious disruption to the life of the community.

Lucas said: “People today, myself included, took peaceful non-violent direct action only after exhausting every other means of protest available to us. I’m in the privileged position of being able to put questions to the government directly and arrange debates in Parliament, but still ministers have refused to listen.

“Despite the opposition to fracking being abundantly clear, the government has completely ignored the views of those they are supposed to represent. When the democratic deficit is so enormous, people are left with very little option but to take peaceful, non-violent direct action.”

Protesters had managed to break-in to the Staffordshire headquarters of Cuadrilla as they continued to call for an end to drilling in Balcombe.

Cuadrilla hit back and stated: “Protesters forced their way into our Lichfield office, harassed our staff and chained themselves to filing cabinets.”

Six protesters representing campaign group No Dash for Gas glued themselves to the door of public relations and crisis management company Bell Pottinger earlier in the day, to stop employees and clients entering the building.

Lord Howell, the chancellor George Osbourne’s father-in-law had protesters gathered outside his London residence earlier today. He was criticised over his statements on hydraulic fracturing for shale gas and oil, as he said it should be limited to the North East of England as ‘it has large and uninhabited desolate areas of land’.




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