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Chancellor says fracking will combat climate change cheaply

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Chancellor George Osborne  has pushed for shale gas as a way to counter climate change in a cheap way.

After a speech in Hong Kong on  Thursday there was a Q & A session where Osborne said the country is “shying away from difficult issues like nuclear and fracking”.

The Conservative politician said: “Let’s not be too theological about which technology we use – let’s get the right mix. For example, there are people in the green movement who oppose civil nuclear power for I would think rather ideological reasons but it’s clearly a low-carbon source of energy generation.

“Equally shale gas has done incredible things to reduce US carbon emissions and there are parts of the environmental movement who don’t like that, again for rather ideological reasons. I would say let’s see more fracking and shale gas in Europe, in the UK and in China,” reported the Guardian.



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