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Citizens For Safe Technology Files Injunction Suit

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British Columbia group, Citizens for Safe Technology  has filed a complaint against BC Hydro’s smart meter program.

This comes a week after a consumer group in California requested injunctive relief against Pacific Gas and Electric.

The complaint requests an immediate injunctive freeze on the wireless component of the Smart Meter Program. The advocacy group says ” This action is being taken to engage the Commission’s administrative function as a regulator of BC Hydro in accordance with the rule of law, only by operation of the rule of law can the public interest in health, security, privacy and safety be factored into Smart Meter Program decisions.”  “The action taken is about preserving the regulatory oversight and democratic process we uphold under the rule of law in British Columbia. BC Hydro cannot be allowed to act with impunity, without regard to the public interest, on a matter that raises serious concerns with respect to human health, environmental integrity, individual privacy and civil liberties.”

The Commission is requested to issue relief on an urgent and interim basis, without hearing and delay so it will effectively freeze any and all activity being carried out by BC Hydro.






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