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Climate activists launch a campaign to encourage EDF customers to go green

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A campaign has been launched by climate activists to encourage EDF customers to switch to green energy providers. The reason they have chosen EDF is in retaliation to the company’s £5 million lawsuit against the protestors that closed their West Burton plant last year.

Using the banner ‘EDF*off’ the campaigners from No Dash for Gas are encouraging people to pledge to switch in return for finding them deals with alternative green energy suppliers.

EDF is being accused of scare tactics by the group over  a sum of money that although only represents around 10hours profit to the utility,  it could mean the protestors lose their homes.

On its website, EDF*off says it is not the first time EDF has clashed with activists, noting that two EDF executives were jailed in 2011 for spying on Greenpeace. It also refers to the French government’s bombing of Greenpeace anti-nuclear ship Rainbow Warrior in 1985.

Although EDF says it supports the right to protest, it says the West Burton occupation had put lives at risk and caused considerable disruption.
“It is important that those considering this kind of action understand that they may face consequences through civil action for the damage, cost and disruption they cause,” said a spokesman.



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