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Co-operative Energy reaches 100% renewable electricity in first year

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UK energy supplier Co-operative Energy (owned by The Midcounties Co-operative  ) has reached 100% renewable electricity for all of it’s customers in the first year of operation.

The company joined the UK energy market last year offering a simple, single tariff instead of the” baffling” number of different tariffs available from the the Big Six energy companies.

Co-operative Energy promised to give customers electricity with less than half the national average of carbon by April 2012, and the firm has well exceeded it’s target. This is due to sourcing all of it’s electricity from wind, hydro and biomass renewable generators including 2 community-owned wind farms at Harlock Hill and Westmill.

“At launch, we made a public pledge to ensure that, by April 2012, the carbon content of our electricity would be less than half the national average. It’s a great achievement to source our electricity entirely from renewable sources, especially in our first year as an energy provider,” says Nigel Mason of Co-operative Energy.

He also said that as the supplier’s customer base grows it will need to remain open-minded about sourcing it’s energy from non-renewable generators.

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