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David Cameron defends his “very strong Green record”

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Prime Minister David Cameron defended his party’s Green record on the radio this morning, regarding his lack of concern for energy.

He said his government had “a very strong green record” and the Conservative party had grown the economy but cut carbon emissions.

Mr Cameron said the party had “set up the world’s first green investment bank”, which has “billions of pounds to invest in green projects”. He also said renewable energy production had doubled and investment had trebled.

He added: “The offshore wind industry we have is the biggest of anywhere in the world.” However, he said the country’s “got enough”, in terms of onshore wind.

Mr Cameron described onshore wind as a “more mature technology” and one which “doesn’t need taxpayer support”.

The Prime Minister said he will continue to invest in offshore wind and is restarting the nuclear industry with Hinkley Point.

He concluded: “We’ve done what other countries need to do, which is to grow the economy but cut carbon emissions at the same time.”



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