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Denmark- New Energy Monitor App Makes it Easy to Save Energy

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Kamstrup has launched a new energy app to provide customers with complete overview of their home energy consumption and increase energy awareness.

Using the app, means that customers can access their energy consumption any place, any time and they can take action to alter their consumption.

The app automatically collects new data, and offers it in daily, weekly, monthly and yearly formats and for comparison for up to three years. At the same time, the standby consumption can also be viewed to build awareness of not switching off appliances.

Utilities can also use the app to contact their customers directly, sending out news, information on grid breakdowns, energy saving tips and energy prices for varying times of day.

Customers can also have the option of an alarm system to notify them if the energy consumption goes over a certain level.

Initially the app will be launched for energy utilities, but eventually it will be offered to heat and water utilities so they can also have the option of offering it to their customers.

It has been released for the iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone and Android and is available in the App Store and Google Play.



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