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EDF Energy delays the investment plans for Hinkley Point

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EDF Energy is reported to be delaying its decision on the investment for Hinkley Point nuclear power station in Somerset, South West England.

The decision is reported to be delayed until April 2013, despite the company being expected to have made the decision by the end of this year.

The company made a statement on Friday in response to the UK government’s release of it’s Nuclear Supply Chain Action Plan, and said they are still “subject to a final decision to invest in the Hinkley Project”.

These are difficult times for EDF Energy, as they had to admit that costs on it’s European Pressurised Reactor (EPR) at Flamanville in Normandy have gone up by 2 billion euros since the previous estimate to 8.5 billion euros. Italian utility Enel also dropped out of their partnership to develop a further five EPR reactors in France.

If the Hinkley Project does go ahead, along with EDF’s proposal for Sizewell in Suffolk, each of the projects would create around 25,000 jobs.

EDF says that despite the setbacks, the assessment is making good progress with only one issue to be resolved with the regulator before the technology is licensed.

In the statement, the company says it is still hoping to have “all the components” in place around the end of the year, including the recommendation from the planning inspectorate to the Secretary of State on the project, to make a final decision on Hinkley Point.



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