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Electric and hybrid vehicle sales accelerate

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Toyota has reached the 2 million sales mark for it’s hybrid vehicle sales in Japan, whilst Nissan has sold 42,700 units of it’s all-electric LEAF.

The hybrid vehicle was launched by Toyota in 1997, followed by the popular Prius and since then they have shifted 4.60 million units around the world, with hybrid vehicles accounting for 40% of sales in Japan and 14% globally.

Toyota plans to add another 20 hybrid models to it’s line up, which currently includes  minivans, SUVs, rear-wheel-drive sedans and compact hatchbacks.

Their Japanese rival, Honda announced earlier this year that it has passed the 1 million milestone for sales of it’s hybrids, which include the Jazz hybrid, the Insight and the newly launched CR-Z.

Nissan is however making slower progress with it’s all-electric LEAF, although major advertising programmes are getting underway in the UK.

US car maker GM has a Chevrolet Volt plug-in hybrid, and is planning to  make up to 500, 000 models per year by 2017.



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