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Electric Security Seminar for Smart Grid

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National Technical Systems (NTS) is to hold a Smart Grid Educational Series Seminar with a concurrent Webinar on August 13th.  John Hayes of BlackRidge Technology is a keynote speaker and will discuss the topic Industrial Control Systems in the Electric Sector: How Secure Are We Today?

John Hayes is chief technology officer and founder of Blackridge Technology and specialises in cyber security,, networking, I/O interface design, storage architecture, and communications protocols.

The Webinar will be streamed over the Internet for attendees around the world. The in-person Seminar scheduled from 12 p.m. – 3:30 pm Pacific Time will provide industry stakeholders in the Los Angeles Metropolitan area an opportunity to network with contemporaries and see a live demo of a few Smart Grid technologies at vendor tables before and after the Webinar.

Blackridge’s security solution will be discussed which is designed to prevent attackers from performing reconnaissance of high-value and mission-critical network assets and preventing them from communicating anonymously.

The seminar is conducted by the Bit Bazaar who offer the bi-monthly events as a free public service to bring world class experts in the Smart Grid field to educate the industry on critical issues and create a forum to solve problems in the field.

NTS president and chief executive officer William C. McGinnis says his company “is continuing to grow its business in the Smart Grid market. Our ZigBee certification testing and test harnesses are just a small part of the testing we are performing to support manufacturers and utilities providing Smart Grid technologies to consumers, as well as testing of solar panels and electric vehicles. We look forward to learning more about BlackRidge’s technology, as well as expanding our relationships with members of the Smart Grid community around the world.”

NTS Chief Technology Officer Osman Sakr adds: “NTS has supported manufacturers and utilities in the Smart Energy and Smart Grid markets over the past several years. We are extending our commitment further by helping Dr. Ibrahim and Mr. Hayes to educate Smart Grid industry professionals in a critical area of cybersecurity. We look forward to the upcoming webinar and seminar, and the opportunity to provide a forum for further discussions among industry professionals.”





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