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Energy consumption cut by 8% with Onzo Smart Energy Kits

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Users of the Onzo Smart Energy Kit have reduced their over all home energy consumption by 8% and a further 5% of energy use has been shifted out of peak times.

5000 users of the energy saving device have shifted the energy used by 5% during peak times, this is due to the Gridwatch icon on the display unit which flashes when the national demand for energy is high.

Utility companies are sometimes forced to use coal-fired power stations which emit greenhouse gases to keep up with the high demand for energy during peak times. The results of the Smart Energy Kits have shown that education may be just as influential as a financial incentive to the consumer, when reducing energy consumption at peak times.

Nick Hunn, CEO of Onzo said “It’s traditionally thought that consumers need financial incentives to encourage them to change their lifestyles in this way.However the shift in energy use achieved by recognising information on the Smart Energy Kit display shows that financial incentives are not paramount – education and awareness building can be key drivers in inspiring behaviour change. The simplicity of the Gridwatch icon demonstrates how effective communication with consumers has a positive impact. This is encouraging news for utilities, whose role in helping consumers become more aware of their energy use will become increasingly pivotal in the campaign to make energy consumption more sustainable.”

Joel Hagan, Chief Executive for Onzo said ” We have found the feedback from users of the Smart Energy Kit very encouraging. It has proved that providing real-time information about consumers’ energy usage in a straight-forward way can truly be a major driver for energy reduction.



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