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Energy savings kits giveaway from Ecotricity

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Ecotricity the green energy company have joined forces with AEG’s ÖKO laundry range in a giveaway of energy savings kits to householders.

From the beginning of June, customers who purchase one of the appliances will be given a free energy kit, helping consumers to save more than a third on their annual household electricity bills.

The ÖKO range includes the ÖKOKombi Plus – the first ever washer dryer to use heat pump technology, enabling lower and therefore more gentle drying temperatures compared to conventional machines and making it 40% more energy efficient than the current leading washer dryer.

Combined with upgrading a washer dryer to the new ÖKOKombi Plus, the kits could save consumers up to 1,140 kWh or around £160 – reducing the average annual household electricity bill by up to 35%. The ÖKO range also includes the ÖKOMix washing machine, which is 50% more efficient than the highest EU appliance rating.

Dale Vince, Founder of the energy firm said:

“Energy efficiency through the use of technology will save you money and also help save the environment. But it’s only half the story – where your energy comes from is the other half.

“Ecotricity supplies customers with 100% green electricity made from the wind and the sun; and because the price of wind doesn’t go up, we’ve been able to freeze energy prices for almost two years.

 “Energy efficiency and green energy are really two sides of the same coin; providing a sustainable investment for both our businesses and our customers.”

In April AEG’s parent group Electrolux announced a new target to halve its 2005 CO2 impact by 2020. Plans mean cutting greenhouse gases from approximately 50 to 25 million tonnes across product use, manufacturing and transport, as well as eliminating gases with high global warming potential.

Peter Spencer, Electrolux General Manager UK & Ireland, said: “At Electrolux we have a strong, and ongoing, commitment to reducing energy usage and improving energy efficiency, both in our production processes and for our customers through market leading energy efficient appliances.

“Our position at the forefront of technology for sustainability gives us a strong synergy with Ecotricity. Together we can build on our core values in cutting energy consumption which benefits both the environment and reduces our customers’ energy costs.”





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