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Energy suppliers need to speed up efforts to improve energy efficiency for worst off

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New figures from Ofgem show that 84% of the way through the Carbon Emissions Reduction Target (cert) programme suppliers are achieving only 82% of their obligation to reduce emissions.

Energy companies have achieved only 34% of emission reductions for the super priority group of households, and if they don’t reach their target the companies will receive fines.

RWE npower has achieved 47.6% so far, SSE 27.5%, EDF Energy 21.3%, British Gas 20% and Scottish Power only 12.2% of the obligations for the super priority group. E-ON has achieved the most of their obligation, at 62%.

In order for the companies to reach their targets by 31st December, the regulator has said that they need to double their efforts to achieve savings of 5.7Mt per month, up from 3.7Mt CO2 per month.

22% would have to be targeted at the super priority group, with 66% in the form of insulation,  Ofgem said, “These both present significant challenges for suppliers”. Elsewhere it noted that progress on installing measures had slowed in the last year.

E-ON has achieved the most of it’s carbon reduction obligation, with 88.7% of its Cert target, which includes 9% carried over from a previous programme. SSE has the most catching up to do, achieving only 77.7% of it’s overall Cert target, including 19.3% carried over from previous programmes.

Suppliers have installed micro-generation in the form of ground source or air source heat pumps in 6,618 households and solar water heating in 773 households, mostly through new-build partnerships with housebuilders.



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