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Energy UK says legally binding renewable target is “inappropriate”

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Energy UK – who are the trade body representing the energy industry –  are calling on the Government to continue to go against an EU 2030 legally binding national renewable energy target.

The trade body wrote to the PM David Cameron, saying that it’s members believed the targets set for renewable or energy efficiency are “inappropriate”, saying the greenhouse gas reduction target of 40% should take priority. They also insisted that any renewables or efficiency targets should be EU-wide.

Members of the European Parliament (MEP’s) voted in favour of setting renewable energy targets for EU countries to be reached by 2030, this is ahead of the European Summit later this month.

Chief Executive Angela Knight (pictured) said: “With both households and businesses having the affordability of energy at the top of their agenda, it is vital that the UK Government makes sure that the EU focuses on this aspect properly. Continuing to take a sensible and pragmatic approach to EU targets for the future is the best way to bring this about.

“The EU’s landmark proposals on climate and energy issues ‘2030 Framework’ sets out an all-encompassing ten-year vision for how the EU will deal with the energy and climate challenges we face. There is welcome agreement on the 40% reduction target for greenhouse gas reductions. The industry believes not setting binding renewables or energy efficiency targets is the right approach.”





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