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Environment Agency says water companies need to improve leakage

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Lord Chris Smith, Environment Agency chairman has said that the water companies need to tackle the problem of leakage.

He spoke at the Sustainable Water 2013 conference in London today, where he said that future ambitions of companies on leakage, set out in the existing draft management plans, “were somewhat disappointing”.

Smith said that customers concerns on water leakage was ‘probably the most high profile public issue relating to water management’.

He also noted that while companies had proposed a gradual diminution in their draft plans in the first “year or two” for leakage, they were then “flat lining”. In our view, that’s not good enough’.

‘Water companies have a crucial role to play in helping with leakage”.

Smith said he hoped there should be “ambitions to do that within the work that is envisaged under PR14”.

“We would like to see water companies tackling this more actively and being more ambitious in the plans that eventually emerge,” he said.

Smith also said regulator, Ofwat’s, PR14 was “a very good opportunity to be more ambitious and to do more on the road to sustainability”.

“The public needs to be convinced that water is a precious and finite resource,” he added.



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