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Eon introduces flat rate standing charge for small businesses

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Eon has introduced a flat rate standing charge for it’s SME’s ( small business gas and electricty customers).

The changes take effect from tomorrow for new and existing customers, the intention being to the ‘improve fairness and transparency’ of it’s business tariff.

Eon conducted a recent survey that found that only 46% of small businesses understood their energy bills completely, and 89% said the most important thing is that the energy provider maintains clear and open information on their bills.

Anthony Ainsworth, sales and marketing director at Eon UK, said: “We have listened to our SME customers’ call for greater consistency and transparency across pricing and contracts, and this has already resulted in a number of key changes this year.

“As part of this continued drive, we are now taking a further step to support SMEs by simplifying our charges.

“This charge has been set in the fairest way possible and is based on the fixed costs we incur to supply and serve our customers.”



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