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Estimated fall in EU greenhouse gas emissions for 2011

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The latest estimates show a fall in gas emissions of 2.5% across Europe in 2011 according to the European Environment Agency (EEA), and further to the decrease the EU-15 group of countries showed a 3.5% decrease compared with last year.

It’s well on track to meet it’s targets under the Kyoto Protocol, with EU-15 emissions 13.8%% down on 1990 levels while the EU-27 decrease is almost 17.5% down on 1990 emissions.

The agreement shows that the EU-15 must reduce emissions by 8% between 2008 and 2012 compared with the base year.

The largest reduction in emissions came from Cyprus, which saw its emissions down 13% in 2011, followed by Belgium, Finland, and Denmark, all reporting falls of over 8%.

The largest absolute cut in emissions was delivered by the UK, with growing renewable energy investments and a slow economy driving a 6% reduction.

However, not such good news is that the group of new EU members, EU-12, saw emissions rising, led by an 11% increase in Bulgaria and a 3% increase in Lithuania, as well as increases in the Czech Republic, Estonia, Poland, Romania and Slovenia.





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