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European Commission Climate Campaign Launched in UK

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The European Union’s campaign A world you like. With a climate you like’ was launched in London yesterday by UK Energy Secretary Ed Davey.

The campaign aims to engender dialogue on climate change and promote a low-carbon society and is run by the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Climate Action.

It will aim to highlight successful cost-effective, low-carbon schemes from across the region, which will be shared on a pan-European website and entered into a contest to find the most original.

Individuals, community groups and businesses will be able to submit low-carbon solutions and discuss their approach and those of others.

“The EU is a powerful voice when it comes to making the case for action to tackle climate change. By working closely together, the EU and UK form a formidable partnership, which can bring about real change,” commented Davey.  He also adds that it will focus particularly on engaging with the business community, some of which came out yesterday to say they wanted the UK to adopt a binding 2030 carbon target.

“We have a choice: we can act on our knowledge about climate change. Or we can sit idly by and watch as things get worse,” says Hedegaard is a statement. “Both options come with a price tag. So why not create a world we like, with a climate we like – while we still have time? With this campaign we want to focus the debate on the solutions and find out what is holding us back from applying them.”

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