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European Parliament approve new rules for eco-friendly lorries

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The European Commission put forward new rules to allow manufacturers to develop more aerodynamic lorries which reduce fuel usage by 7%-10% and cut greenhouse emissions.

That could mean savings worth €5,000 (£3,565) every year in fuel costs for a typical long-distance lorry covering 100,000 kilometres, according to the Commission.

The new shape of the lorries will improve the field of vision and help save lives as the current ‘brick’ shape front of the cabin can increase injuries to road users.

Violeta Bulc, EU Commissioner for Transport said this is a “significant achievement”.

She added: “This will lead to fewer emissions and casualties on our roads and lower fuel costs for hauliers. It will also allow the industry to produce new lorries and to remain competitive on the global market.

“Today’s vote will pave the way for Member States to reach a final agreement so society can start to reap the benefits of these new rules.”




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