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GE Energy Introduces New PRIME Compliant Smart Meter

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GE Energy has introduced a new PRIME (Power Line Intelligent Metering Evolution) PLC compliant smart meter the SGM1100, to provide a cost-effective  solution for utilities to meet the requirements of an advanced metering infrastructure (AMI).

The SGM1100 is a single phase meter, designed for small energy consumers and retail customers. It meets IEC standards and provides PLC AMI communications with the protocols of DLMS/COSEM and PRIME.

“GE is proud to announce the availability of the SGM1100 smart meter for IEC markets,” said Luke Clemente, general manager, Metering & Sensing for GE’s Digital Energy business.”

Easy to use, the SGM1100 will enable utilities to provide much faster installations, automate provisioning and reduce the requirement for post-installation support. Increased security features and a dual pole relay for increased safety during installation and service and remote upgradeable firmware via the PLC communications, are additional benefits.

Local communications enables site-specific configuration, firmware updates and on-demand diagnostics, while an integrated PRIME PLC modem provides reliable and interoperable communications with PRIME compliant data concentrators.




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