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GEO VP appointed chairman of Danish energy group

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Green Energy Options VP Thomas Mikkelsen,, has been appointed chairman for IT security in the newly established Intelligent Energy Alliance (part of the Danish Energy Association).

At GEO, which is still very much the day job, Mikkelsen has already accomplished a great deal, including working on how to secure end-user privacy in the realms of Smart Homes and Intelligent Energy Systems.

“At GEO we take it seriously when we say we want to create customer engagement,” says Mikkelsen. “It is a balancing act of providing the customer with the knowledge to cut unnecessary energy consumption – whilst ensuring this information is securely handled and only used with customer consent.”

We spoke with Morten Trolle, managing director of the Danish Intelligent Energy Alliance:

“In Denmark we are considered frontrunners in establishing the Smart Grid for the benefit of both the industry, the environment and the end-customer”, says Trolle. “We have achieved this by looking beyond national constraints and welcoming new input. Hence we welcome Thomas Mikkelsen for this new position, as it will bring international expertise and keep the industry developing solutions for the future energy user.”

Thomas will be speaking at the Micro-Generation, Micro-Grids and Demand Response, SEDC  pre conference seminar on the 8th October, 11.20 CET. He will also be speaking at the European Smart Gas and Water Metering Seminar, Metering and Billing/CRM, Amsterdam on the 10th October at 09.00 CET together with Paul Glass from Anglian Water.



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