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Go-Ahead Group’s profits less than it’s energy bills

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Go-Ahead, one of the UK’s largest transport companies has claimed that it spends more on it’s energy bills than it earns in company profits.

The group runs a number of UK rail and bus firms which have more than 800 trains and 4,600 buses.

Group Environment and Energy Manager, Chris Grinsted said: “We spend upwards of £120 million a year on our energy bills which is more than our annual operating profit and it’s just going to increase.”

The annual profit last year was £103.2m.

They are looking for sustainable measures to improve their finances. Mr Grinsted added: “Sustainability at this level is just business sense, it’s practical.“Potentially, it’s a business critical issue to ensure we use it as efficiently as possible.”

He also said  transport emissions account for around 20% of CO2 in the UK and “the only way of effectively tackling it is going to be via public transport”.This is “potentially a huge opportunity” for the company.

He added: “We need to make sure we’re in a position to maximise that.“90% of our carbon footprint comes from us using our trains.

“If you’re managing sustainability then it seems as though you are managing everything else well.”




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