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Half of the general public unaware of smart meters

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According to a survey commissioned by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) over half of the general public are still unaware of smart meters.

The survey is the second conducted by Ipsos Mori entitled ‘public awareness, attitude and experience of smart meters survey’, the first of which was conducted in April 2012 where 49% of the public had heard of smart meters, where in October 2012 50% were aware.

The percentage of people interested in installing a smart meter remained unchanged at 40%, but there was increased interest in information as half expressed an information need, compared to a third in the previous survey.

The support for smart meters also remained unchanged, with 29 per cent still in favour of the nationwide roll-out, while 19 per cent of respondents opposed it.

Older people had a low engagement rate, whilst young people and large households showed the most interest in the meters.




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