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Hawaiian Electric Company Launch New Demand Response Program

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HECO has launched a new demand response program designed to help business customers save money on their electric bills, while adding more renewable energy to the grid.

The pilot, called The Fast Demand Response (Fast DR) rewards commercial and industrial customers that designate nonessential facilities that can be turned off during critical energy situations with 10 minutes notice or less. Fast DR partners will receive a monthly bill credit—$5 per kilowatt (kW) per month, with a minimum of 50 kW in designated electric demand reductions—whether or not a Fast DR event occurs as well as an additional per-kilowatt-hour credit when use is actually reduced.

Scott Seu, Vice President for Energy Resources at Hawaiian Electric said “With Fast DR, our commercial customers have another tool to help manage their electricity costs while helping reduce Hawaii’s dependence on expensive and volatile imported oil.”

The technology reduces demand rapidly, until the additional generating units are brought online when output drops off from intermittent renewables like wind and solar.It can also temporarily reduce demand to postpone the necessity to bring added conventional generating units online to help reduce the energy costs. This could also be used when there isn’t enough electricity generation to meet demand.

Typical electric load that could be designated includes non-essential processes or equipment; air conditioning; non-essential lighting or signage; fountains, saunas, pool or hot tub heating and pumps; or excess elevators or escalators. Consumers retain the option of not participating in a specific DR event.

For more information visit  www.heco.com.




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