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Hinkley Point C suffers significant jobs cuts

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EDF are cutting  a “significant number” of jobs at Hinkley Point C as most of the preparation work has now been completed prior to construction, and they are now “refocusing it’s activities”.

Currently there are more than 800 employees and contractors working on the site, and their jobs are now at risk.

An EDF spokesman said that they are “following normal project management process” and temporarily slowing down work on the site, but they are still committed to the project.

Gary Smith, GMB Union national secretary for energy, said the job cuts were an “absolute disaster”.

He also said that the UK government is playing a hard game over the negotiations, but said that EDF are willing to walk away from the project if a deal can not be agreed.

The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) issued a statement that “progress is being made on the decision (strike price) and both sides want to reach an agreement”. 




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