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Homeworkers could cut carbon emissions by 3 billion tonnes

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home working

Businesses could cut 3 million tonnes of carbon emissions by homeworking, which would save £3 billion.

Allowing staff to work from the comfort of their own homes, where employees use internet, smartphones and ‘the cloud’ could dramatically reduce energy usage, according to the Carbon Trust.

It points to telecoms giant BT’s homeworking policy which apparently saved 14,000 tonnes of CO2 equivalent over 12 months.

The change meant BT could reduce its office space and save £60m a year – roughly £6,000 per full-time homeworker.

Hugh Jones, Managing Director of Advisory at the Carbon Trust said: “Homeworking is on the rise, with numbers increasing by over half a million since 2007… in the right circumstances, it has the potential to be expanded significantly and be a win-win for business and the environment.”

However, homes may be less energy efficient than modern offices, which could result in something called the’ rebound effect’.





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