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Householders advised to switch energy supplier by UK Citizen’s Advice

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The Citizen’s Advice launched a ‘Big Energy Savings Week’ to urge UK householders to switch energy suppliers in order to get the best deal available.

This is in light of the recent energy price hikes, where according to Citizens Advice, over 6 million children in the UK are living in households where the parents are so worried about the increase in energy bills they are looking to cut back on day to day necessities such as food, to make ends meet.

“Big energy bills and rising daily costs are putting extra pressure on household budgets that are already stretched thin. We’re worried that some people are finding themselves unnecessarily hard-up because they’re paying more than they have to for their fuel bill and aren’t getting all of the help that’s available to them,” says chief executive Gillian Guy.

A result of a recent survey shows that 18% of people are not using some rooms in a bid to save on their heating bills, and 62% are not using the heating as much as they would like to.

The Big Six energy suppliers and the Energy Saving Trust are backing the campaign organised by Citizens Advice and Citizens Advice Scotland, to check that householders are on the best deal and to advise them to install more adequate insulation if needed.

Prime Minister David Cameron has protested that energy companies should be forced to put consumers on the lowest tariff available, but Citizens Advice are saying that you should not wait for the reform.

Householders could potentially save up to £650 per year by switching supplier, tariff, paying by direct debit or increasing their insulation.

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