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IKEA buys a 165MW wind project in the US

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IKEA has made it’s largest investment in renewable energy so far by purchasing a 165MW wind project in the US.

The Southern Texas windfarm named Cameron is being built by Apex Clean Energy, which operates on behalf of IKEA when it begins service at the end of 2015. This follows the first investment made in the US, a windfarm in Hoopeston, Illinois.

The two projects are expected to generate nearly 1,000 GWh of electricity every year which is the equivalent of 90,000 homes annual usage.

Rob Olson, IKEA US Acting President and CFO said: “We invest in renewable energy to become more sustainable as a business and also because it makes good business sense. And as a home furnishings retailer with sustainability in our roots, we are committed to providing products and solutions that help our customers be more sustainable in their everyday lives.”

The Swedish furniture retail giant has also pledged to invest $1.9 billion in wind and solar power by 2015.




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