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Independent suppliers benefit from switching season

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energy billsSmall independent energy suppliers are seeing growth on the back of the recent price hikes by four of the big six suppliers, and the political debates over energy costs.

Ecotricity and Co-operative Energy have seen growth of around 6,000 new customers in the last month, as a result of ‘switching season’.

A spokesman at Ecotricity said the switching rate over the last month was double the average, and in the last week of October  “we were getting up to 5 times what we normally would”.

Co-operative Energy saw 6,000 new customers in October, and expects there to be the same amount again going through the switching process.

A spokesman said: “The switching levels are up a little bit on previous years. Certainly the level of interest has been very high.”

Uswitch.com have said that the number of people switching has increased by 600%, and the smaller suppliers will benefit from this, although the proportion of customers moving away from the big companies remain the same.

People are now more aware that there are other options than just the ‘Big Six’ and are taking advantage of money saving schemes.



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