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Island Smart Grid Projects Launched By EDF

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EDF will be launching two Smart grid projects in France and on French Island territories in the Mediterranean and Caribbean.

The project in mainland France will be named the “Nice Grid Project”. It is aimed at providing the first local life size demonstration of energy storage using Li-ion batteries integrated at 3 grid levels the originating substation, distribution and residential.

The other main participants in the project are Alstom Grid and Saft. The project is to be coordinated by ERDF.

The second project will be named the “Millener Project” and will take place in Corsica, Guadeloupe and La Reunion. The purpose of this is to investigate innovative energy and load management solutions. In the 30.2 million euro four- year project, various combinations of distributed resources will be deployed at participating consumer premises, including solar generation, battery storage and energy load controllers.

Private energy consumers will have the benefit of a visual display, allowing them to keep a track of their energy usage in real-time.

Partners in the project are BPL Global, Delta Dore, Edelia Saft, Schnieder Electric and Tenesol.

“Deployment and integrated management of solar generation, battery storage and consumer load are a vital part of our smart grid strategy”, said Jean-Michel Deveza director of the smart grids program in EDF’s Insular Power Systems Division. “This project is designed to better integrate distributed renewable energy, improve the stability of power systems and identify sustainable economic models.”








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