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Labour slams Green Deal

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tom greatrex

Shadow Energy Minister Tom Greatrex repeated his party’s claim that they will remove the Green Deal if they win the next election, claiming it has performed poorly and calling it a ‘dud deal’.

New statistics show that only a few dozen new deals were taken up last month.

Mr Greatrex said: “The Green Deal is getting worse, not better. There were only 33 Green Deal plans added in February with the number new or pending Green Deal plans showing the second successive fall in as many months.

“The Government’s Green Deal has now become a dud deal. Labour is committed to scrapping the Green Deal and will be outlining our proposals later this year.”

The Department of Energy and Climate Change (Decc) argued against the claims, stating that 517,000 households have installed new measures through the Green Deal and it’s sister scheme ECO.

A spokesperson from the Decc said “The Green Deal is about advice and support for people to make their homes more energy efficient. For some, Green Deal finance will be the best option for paying for energy efficiency measures, while others will want to use different ways to pay.

“The important thing is that households get simple and straightforward advice so they can take control of their energy bills by making their homes warmer and more energy efficient.”



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