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Lib Dems promise to insulate all homes by 2025

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Nick Clegg

Ambitious plans have been pledged by the Liberal Democrats to insulate up to 10 million homes in the next 10 years.

They have announced a new Green Homes bill to improve energy efficiency and renewable heat across the UK into the next parliament.

Every year over the next 10 years they have pledged to reduce council tax bills by £100 per year for every household that has installed energy-saving measures in their homes, with plans to reform the Green Deal initiative into a  ‘Green Homes Loan Scheme’, which would extend to include renewable heat and electricity.

Deputy Prime Minister and Liberal Democrats Leader Nick Clegg said: “We relentlessly pushed the green agenda over the last five years in government in the face of strong resistance from the Conservatives.

“Yet despite much needed progress, people particularly from vulnerable households still suffer from homes that are too cold and bills that are too high.

“Energy efficiency is the most important fuel we didn’t know we had. Insulating millions of homes will significantly improve the cost of living and quality of life of people across the UK.”

Nearly  2 billion will be needed every year to deliver the energy efficiency targets



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