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Low Carbon Network Fund project could save consumers 20% on energy bills

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Low Carbon Network Fund

An £8.3 million energy efficiency trial backed by Ofgem could save consumers 20% on their energy bills.

Money from the Low Carbon Network Fund was used to test different energy saving approaches across 4,000 households in the Solent area by Southern Electricity Power Distribution (SEPD).

Households will benefit from the measures, together with enabling the network to defer costly asset upgrades which could be rolled out across the country.

Stewart Reid, SEPD future networks manager, said: “I have worked in the energy sector for over 30 years and have rarely seen such profound changes in the industry. This project has the potential to completely change the relationship between Distribution Network Operators and their customers and come up with a valuable suite of tools.”

The trial will run for 4 and a half years, and includes installing LED lighting and offering incentives to reduce peak demand and providing information on consumption to compare usage with their neighbours and therefore encouraging a change in behaviour. In Sweden , this ‘peer pressure’ approach has reduced consumption by up to a fifth.

David Owen, UK managing director of Maingate, said: “We have found that peer pressure has far bigger impact than saving money or being green.”

He emphasised that the platform was flexible, adding: “It really is about building out an open ecosystem.”



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