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Most energy suppliers not ready for Green Deal

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The government’s Green Deal launched this week, but many energy suppliers don’t have product offerings in place for the energy efficiency scheme.

EDF Energy said that it was focused on ECO and would not be offering detailed assessments of energy efficiency for customers until April.

EON Energy said “We will be a part of Green Deal in the future but we are currently exploring all options around becoming a Green Deal provider, be that individually or a

SSE said “We are still in the process of developing our customer offering for Green Deal and Eco, and have yet to announce any pricing structure or special offers.”s a combined offer with selected partners.”

RWE Npower  is in the process of employing new staff and integrating new software, and did not expect to have its systems ready until February.

However, British Gas said they are fully committed to the Green Deal and are investing a great deal of time and resources for it’s success.

Greg Barker, climate change minister said there was “strong evidence” that Eco activity was already under way “with company offers available in the marketplace and a number of partnerships between energy companies and local authorities – including in Bristol, Birmingham and Leeds – under way”.



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