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Most heat used in the South East of England

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Homeowner is London and East Anglia are leaving their heating on for 8 hours or more a day, making them the biggest users of energy for heat in the UK.

More than 65% of Londoners and 83% of homeowners living in East Anglia are in this bracket.

In Scotland its 79%, Northern Ireland and Wales rank at  74% using theirs for 5 hours a day.

More than 76% of homeowners in the South West and more than 76% of people living Yorkshire and Humber, turn on the heat for up to eight hours a day.

A survey was commissioned by entu, a home improvements company on 1000 male and female homeowners in the UK to examine the usage of different areas.

Chief Executive of the entu Group, Ian Blackhurst, said: “It is interesting to see which regions are comfortable to leave the heating on and which are more concerned with conserving heat and energy.

“Energy efficiency is something all UK residents should be aware of. It’s important for the environment and being more energy efficient will also have a positive financial impact for individuals.”




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